University of North Carolina Robinson Hall

Charlotte, North Carolina

Located at the Charlotte Campus, Robinson Hall affords students, faculty and visitors a state-of-the-art performance venue and educational facility.

Robinson Hall is an elegant three story building located on a main public belt of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The site and exterior design gives the University an undeniable presence in the community. As the home of the university’s dance, music and theater programs, the interior spaces include a 300-seat proscenium theater, a 150 seat black box theater, a 50 seat dance performance space and dance studio, separate rehearsal spaces, individual studios for faculty educators and back-stage production laboratories. The attention to detail can be seen throughout the entire building, from the luxurious side boxes of the main theater to the dedicated backstage departments for costume fabrication, makeup or set design. Robinson Hall shines beyond its impressive and classical structure by serving as a resource for an entire arts community. This project was in association with Jenkins Peer Architects.