Ochsner Belle Meade Physical Therapy & Primary Care

Gretna, Louisiana

This former K&B Drug Store was renovated in the new home for Ochsner’s neighborhood primary care and physical therapy clinic.

The physical therapy clinic consists of a 5500 SF gymnasium, full of equipment and therapy tables, as well as five 100 SF treatment rooms. The suite also includes a waiting area, which is able to see the activity in the gym, but is shielded from the noise by an interior storefront wall. There is also a custom reception desk that opens to both the waiting room and to the gymnasium, through the glass wall. There is also a pediatrics room to treat children.

The primary care clinic includes an X-ray suite, 23 regular exam rooms, one bariatric exam room, 2 large exam rooms, a shared/E-visit room, a conference room that can double as an exam room, a two-seat blood draw room, a point-of-care testing facility, a medications room, several enclosed offices for supervisors and scheduling needs, and plenty of storage. The waiting room is enclosed by interior storefront, allowing views and an open feel to both the other waiting room, as well as the activity and dynamism within the gymnasium.