LSU Olinde Career Center

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A premier facility dedicated to preparing students and alumni for successful careers.

The state-of-the-art 17,000 sq. ft., 2-story Olinde Career Center is a premier facility located in the heart of the LSU Student Union providing a convenient and central location for students, faculty and alumni. The Career Center prepares students and alumni with making educational decisions to guide future career choices, developing job seeking skills and obtaining employment. The GH design team successfully created a warm, professional environment infused with the latest technology appealing to multiple generations of the LSU community and local partners. The program spaces include a work force information library, financial management learning center, conference areas, 22 interview rooms where employees can meet with potential job candidates on a "one on one" basis and administrative offices. The finish palette balances the use of traditional materials such as richly stained cherry wood and contemporary sleek quartz surfaces and vertical glass planes. High technology LED screens facilitate interaction and career education while additional sources graphically highlight corporate and community partners.