Jefferson Home Site School

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Shaped by the district’s goal to provide 21st Century Learning Environments for their students, the design team of GraceHebert in association with DLR Group, created a contemporary and timeless facility for students in grades PreK-8th.

Working closely with the school district, educators, students and the community, the educational planning and design leverages a knowledge base of successful school experience from across the nation and customizes it for what is appropriate and relevant for the new Jefferson Homesite PK-8 community both today and tomorrow.

Diagrammatically speaking, the new facility is divided into two buildings. The south building houses the majority of administration spaces, Pre-K/Kindergarten, special education, commons, music spaces, and athletic spaces. The north building houses all of the facility’s learning studios, elective spaces, and media hub. The two buildings are connected by a secure courtyard that can be used to facilitate educational opportunities as well as controlled movement between buildings. Outdoor space (including the secure courtyard, play areas, etc.) are defined by the building extents. By doing so, the design focuses much of the facility functions internally, having as little impact on the surrounding neighbors as possible.

The 4 learning communities are designed around the same planning principles incorporating flexibility and collaboration throughout. All studios (classrooms) include folding glass partitions that open up to centrally located learning commons for collaborative and large group activates. Centrally located to the suite are two small group rooms, teacher planning, and respective built in storage for each learning commons.

The architecture of the building takes on a clean-lined modern approach to design. Considerations for materials to clad the exterior of the building are meant to be quality, elegant finishes while instilling a sense of fun.