Casper College School of Music

Casper, Wyoming

Embedded in a hillside at the entrance to campus, the new Music School Building presents a welcome greeting to the visitors of Casper College.

The concave face of the building symbolically gestures an embrace to those that enter campus while the luminous roof monitor presents a beacon of knowledge to the surrounding community. Internally, these two architectural movements define the main lobby and concourse of the building, setting up a rhythm of hierarchical spaces that are bathed in natural daylight. The remaining organization of the building neatly folds the different rehearsal and performance spaces into a coherent whole. The programmatic needs of the school are fulfilled with a concert hall, instrumental rehearsal hall, percussion rehearsal suite, choral rehearsal hall, recording suite, and all the necessary classrooms, practice rooms, faculty studios, and support spaces. Our team, partnered with MOA Architecture, created rich, varied, yet acoustically correct spaces by using different patterns and amounts of a few simple elements, in order to meet the budgetary needs of the college. This project was in association with MOA Architecture.