LSU's Alex Box Ranks #1 - AGAIN!

Most recently Stadium Journey ranked LSU's Alex Box Stadium as the best collegiate baseball stadium in the country. GraceHebert Architects in association with DLR Group designed the stadium that opened in 2009.

Correspondents from Stadium Journey visited 295 of the 299 Division I baseball parks in the country to comprise the rankings. Based on the FANFARE ranking system, LSU received five stars in five of the categories while receiving four stars in neighborhood and access.

2016 College Baseball Ballpark Experience Rankings

Stadium Journey

July 1, 2016

Stadium Journey has visited and reviewed almost every ballpark in Division I college baseball. Here are our rankings of the Top 50 best ballparks in college baseball.

With the College World Series completed, Stadium Journey has compiled the work of correspondents across the country to produce the 2015 NCAA Ballpark Experience Rankings. With 295 NCAA Division I ballparks reviewed, we're just four short of our goal to review each Division I college baseball venue (sorry to Washington State, Monmouth, Tennessee-Martin, and NYIT).

Stadium Journey uses the "FANFARE" system to provide an overall fan experience rating based on several important categories. These categories include F - Food & Beverage (concessions), A - Atmosphere, N - Neighborhood, F - Fans, A - Access, R - Return on Investment, and E - Extras. The combined average score is based on a five star system, where five is the highest rating possible. Be sure to click on each review below for an in-depth description of the ballpark's rating.

While the popularity of college baseball remains regional, the sport continues to grow nationwide. Though often an after thought in the Northeast, it's a passion in the South, California, and in spots across the Midwest. Not only do programs in these regions regularly fill the stands and the win column, but they also provide some of the best venues to catch a game across the country. The hotbed of college baseball fever is undoubtedly the South. In fact, nine of the ballparks in our top ten are in southern states. The SEC dominates our list, with 5 of the top 8 ballparks. Here we present our Top 50 college ballpark experiences for 2016. For our complete library of college baseball reviews, visit the Stadium Journey college baseball page.

1 LSU Tigers, Alex Box Stadium

The Tiger baseball experience at Alex Box Stadium has it all, from a powerhouse ballclub, state of the art facility, great food selection, a rabid fanbase, and an intimidating atmosphere for opposing teams. Fans of college baseball would be wise to make the pilgrimage to Baton Rouge part of their ballpark bucket list.

And the list goes on.....

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