Feild Trip to GraceHebert

GraceHebert had a great time hosting students from Livingston Parish Schools participating in the gifted program. They went on a field trip to our office as part of their unit of study on City Planning.

March 31, 2016

Students enjoyed a presentation about the process involved in the design and completion of a structure. Students were able to observe models created by hand and on a 3D printer. Also, the students viewed a computer software generated 3D interactive model of the proposed designs of the LSU Rec Center and soon-to-be redesigned dock located near the USS Kidd.

They even wrote us thank you notes! Here are some quotes from our favorites: “Here’s a joke: What is it called when a building can feel something? ----- Archi-texture!” “I need to remember to get me a laser pointer. Then again I have a really bad memory” “You guys are so cool!”

Thanks Ms. Balhoff and Ms. King for coming by with your class! We had just as much fun as the kids!